Welcome to my site! Glad you stopped by. To learn more about me, click the “About” or “FAQ” tabs. You can also browse my other Works or Blog tabs, or fill out the Contact form to leave me a comment or message. I love to hear from my readers. My debut novel, Closure, just released April 2, 2018. It is available on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and hardcover formats, and is now in Barnes and Noble! It will be available in other storefronts as well, and when it is, I will update the links on this page. For updates, please subscribe to my newsletter. Thank you for your interest!

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“We promised to keep in touch, write, stay friends . . . he told me to be strong and to ‘have faith.’ At that moment I knew our paths would cross again someday—they had to. I just couldn’t imagine never seeing him again.”

– Tara Carter, CLOSURE