WINDS of WINTER: a multi-genre short story collection by Tasche Laine, and 15 other authors


Druidic prophecies, a galactic space adventure, a cabin of horrific secrets—and a mysterious white cat that shows up in each story.

Whether you’re in the mood for a fantastic adventure, an edge-of-your-seat horror tale or a budding romance, Winds of Winter is the perfect read. We’re donating 100% of the proceeds to Alley Cat Rescue at


A brief synopsis of each story:

Grandpa never let them use the cabin after Christmas. And some rules are best not broken.
Jeff Bacon – Christmas Wrath (Horror)

When Doris loses her grandmother’s diamonds, she’s sure the family will never want to see her again.
Louisa M. Bauman – The Mad Girl (Coming of Age)

Gage must have dominion over his Druidic powers, but his inner demons are putting everything at risk.
Corina Douglas – Rising from the Ashes (Fairytales, Folklore & Myths)

It’s just an ordinary game day for a weary non-player character…until something opens the rift.
Paris Hansch – An NPC’s Christmas (GameLit)

Cursed as a cat for 99 years, an immortal Fiend Hunter must re-evaluate his relationship with a nemesis.
Laura Hawthorne – Lost Among Snowflakes (Fantasy)

Hannah wanted direction. What she ended up with could change her future forever…
H.R. Hobbs – The Blue Pendant (SciFi Adventure)

He’d found the girl of his dreams, then a cat got in the way.
Reen Jones – Candy Girl (Horror)

Trapped in a mountain snow storm one family makes the best of their isolation, and a legend is born.
Tasche Laine – The Legend of the Glass Stars (Contemporary Fiction)

Will a prejudice rant send Sasha’s new interest running?
Nola Li Barr – Sasha (Romance)

A secret, a brotherhood, a father’s sin. What will Prince Thutmose do when he takes the crown?
Lauren Lee Merewether – King’s Jubilee (Historic Fiction)

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the ugliest of them all?
Joy Monette – The Girl in the Mirror (Contemporary Fiction)

Can a telepathic cat and her mistress solve a robbery and welcome the culprit into town?
Wendy Pollard – Trouble in Winter Paradise (Cozy Mystery)

Though they were partly human, the differences were too great. He would never be one of them.
Leigh Roberts – The Outsider (Fantasy, Myths & Legends)

Kevin is about to take on the galaxy until his little sister makes an outrageous request…
A.L. Rugova – The Lost Tradition (SciFi Dystopian)

A winter menace reigns terror on mice, but can it stand against their new champion?
Alicia Scarborough – Crimson Eyes (Urban Fantasy Poetry)

She wakes up after dying for the 8th time…but now she must fight to the death to release her true form.
Qatarina Wanders – Ninth Life (Dark Urban Fantasy)