Wings of Prophecy Cvr

WINDS of PROPHECY: a multi-genre short story collection by Tasche Laine, and 13 other authors


The crows are flying. And on their wings, destiny changes.

One crow signals bad luck. Three, a celebration. Seven, a secret. Each number drives the fate of someone’s soul.

You haven’t stumbled upon Wings of Prophecy by chance; this is your reward for being a chosen reader. If you’d like to support us, we’re donating 100% of the proceeds to the Vermont Institute of Natural Science, where they care for the environment through education, research, and avian wildlife rehabilitation.

Enjoy these 14 multi-genre stories including:

Recent residents in an uncontrollable neighborhood with a sinister plan. The only thing able to stop them is nature and its guardians.
Jeff Bacon – Crow Court (Horror)

Nobody had told Hailey about the werewolves when she moved to Mickleburg, and nobody had told her about Adam, a near-stalker, but she faced both on an isolated mountaintop.
Louisa Bauman – Terror On The Mountain (Horror)

War is on the horizon, and once again, Morrigan is called upon to save her people, but this time more than the outcome of the battle is at stake.
Corina Douglas – The Morrigan: Wings Of War (Fairytales, Folklore, & Myths)

Lady Adalynn holds her son, a child born under an ominous omen. But he is not hers.
Paris Hansch – The Unwanted Child (Fantasy)

Will detective Jake Duncan solve his last case before retirement or choose family instead?
H.R. Hobbs – The Seven Crows Society (Detective Noir)

An odd child, unwanted by her father, hated by her young stepmother, Jasmine didn’t have any friends. But then, unfortunately, she found some.
Reen Jones – Feeding The Crows (Horror)

Stuck on a ranch and bored, Brylee goes on a run that changes her life. Will she ever be the same?
Tasche Laine – Running In The Rain (Contemporary Fiction)

Independence is all Bernice wants, but her privileged upbringing dictates otherwise. Can she break free from expectations before it’s too late?
Nola Li Barr – Bernice (Romance)

When armed with a camera, a good omen, and true love, the world is perfect. Right?
Joy Monette – An Intriguing Man (Contemporary Fiction)

Sometimes, being rescued is not what it’s cracked up to be.
Leigh Roberts – The Rescued (Fantasy, Myths and Legends)

Count your crows, and then you’ll know, if the signs will bring you, joys or woes.
Alicia Scarborough – Crows Of Nine (Urban Fantasy Poetry)

Sarah must find the secret portal but elaborate riddles and a desperate killer stand in her way. Will she find the portal in time to stop the murder?
Melanie Snow – Attempted Murder (Cozy Mystery)

Three crows rising, portends of evil or a guiding light in the darkness?
Rick Van de Poll – Triple Crown Crows (Nature Poetry, Mythology)

She never believed they existed, but now this young witch must stand before the Three Crows as they bestow her with a mandate to kill…
Qatarina Wanders – The Three Crows (Dark Urban Fantasy)

The crows are calling for you. Will you answer?

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Content warning: this book contains material for mature audiences only. Not intended for anyone under 18.