The Legend of the Glass Stars Running in the Rain

“The Legend of the Glass Stars” and “Running in the Rain” — two short stories


Trapped on a snowy mountain in Oregon or in the rain in Argentina . . . the stuff legends are made of.
Two short stories worlds apart, yet both teens attend the same high school.

Over the winter holidays, Violet, 13, and her family are trapped in a mountain cabin in central Oregon during a freak snowstorm. Will this be the worst Christmas ever or will Violet and her family be able to salvage it? What is supposed to be their first family ski trip ends up being so much more as they cope with their isolation. Along with a mysterious white cat . . . a legend is born.

Nearly four thousand miles away, future classmate Brylee, 16, has no one but the cows and crows on her father’s ranch in Argentina to keep her company. Or does she? Find out what happens one morning when she goes running in the rain.

Violet and Brylee are two characters in the upcoming novel, Glass Stars. They just haven’t met yet.

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