Need help with your book project?

Whether you’re a first-time author writing your debut novel, or a seasoned pro, fiction or nonfiction—I can help you. I have been in the wordsmith business since 1985. My background consists of varied jobs, all working with words, including: journalist, technical writer, high school English teacher, tutor, editor, and proofreader. I am also an award-winning and bestselling author, so I can relate to what it feels like to trust another person with your manuscript (let alone have them dare to suggest you change it). I get it. I will work with you to make sure your writing stays in your voice, while also fulfilling the rules and guidelines of story structure and grammar. I have helped many people with their writing projects over the years, and I look forward to helping you, too! 

Tasche has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University, as well as two teaching credentials from California State University, Fullerton. She is also a Certified Professional Editor (CPE) and certificated Proofreader (Certificate No. 1913290).


Content/Substantive Editing

Also called line editing, this involves checking the content of your manuscript for errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. It includes making significant changes, such as rewriting and reorganizing the text. For fiction, this means checking for discrepancies in plot, character, and dialogue.

Content editing deals with the big picture, including your theme. It is the second step in the editing process, after a developmental edit (which develops a book from the initial concept onward, working closely with the author to study competing works and create a product that stands out). I do not offer Developmental Editing at this time.


Consists of correcting spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, point of view shifts, wording, consistency, and double-checking the table of contents, endnotes/footnotes, and bibliography (if needed). This should be completed before final proofreading. Basic copyediting is for projects with few errors and minimal editing required. Heavy copyediting is more thorough and similar to line editing. It requires several passes and is much more time consuming, as it involves looking for and correcting many types of errors at once. 


Proofreaders check the manuscript for errors in spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation, double words, verb tenses, typos, spacing, and formatting errors. This is the final step, after the editing process.


My preference is to edit a Microsoft Word document. I edit using the “track changes” feature, which allows you to see the edits and comments before you accept or reject them. I can also edit on Google Docs, or a pdf (using iAnnotate). I use The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, as an industry standard reference and style guide. I use Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition, as a spelling guide and reference, as needed.

My rates

Final cost is based on a per word count and my rates are commensurate with the industry standards of the Editorial Freelancers Association
I take payments via PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App.
 Type of Editing

Rate per word


Content / Substantive



Heavy Copyediting



Basic Copyediting






*Copy/Content Package



*Every author, story, and project are unique. Please contact me so we can create your custom quote together, getting you the best rate possible.


five stars.

As a Story Coach and Publishing Consultant (and author of 18+ books), I’ve worked with a LOT of editors. I purposefully choose a different one for each book in order to personally experience the people I recommend to clients. Tasche had come so highly recommended and I’d referred her on a number of occasions, to rave reviews from my clients. When I was ready to publish my YA Fiction, Forever Homes, I knew she was my girl. And I was NOT disappointed. She not only helped me with all the grammatical aspects but helped me work through plot holes and character development. This took my book to the next level. Now I know firsthand why she is so highly sought after—she’s skilled in the craft of storytelling, editing, and humanity. She was honest but gentle. Exactly what I needed! I highly recommend her.

—Marcy Pusey, Forever Homes

Tasche did an amazing job as my proofreader and I would highly recommend her. She was so knowledgeable in the entire book writing process and was fast and accurate with edits. She provided detailed background information on any questions I had to assist my decision making on the size of my book, the font, and format, and because of her extensive knowledge as a writer, she also shared her expertise on launch strategy and marketing where I had information gaps. Bottom line, Tasche skillfully interacted with my other key players and went above and beyond on her part to help me bring my first book, which felt so overwhelming at times, to completion.

—Lance Knaub, The 4% Break-Thru

Tasche was professional and easy to work with. She proofread and gave great suggestions for my book. I would highly recommend using her! I have another book coming out soon and I will use Tasche’s services for that one too.

—Kristi Shimada, Mariko and the Magic Mirror

Tasche was very thorough in her proofreading, and went above and beyond with her editorial comments. She caught things that the previous four editors and myself missed!

—Sophie Pagalday, Who Will Hold Me?

Tasche has a strong sense of responsibility. She really cares and helps me to improve not only English skills but also my grade. She is always available to help me. I really like her! She is awesome!

—Jenny L, UC Irvine Masters student/English learner

Professional and Encouraging! I hear a lot of authors wrestle with fear, fear that others will not accept their precious work. In addition to being professional, competent, punctual, knowledgeable, and critical (in a good way), Tasche handled the subject matter of my book with great sensitivity, hearing my needs and the heart behind the book. I felt her words of encouragement in addition to the helpful constructive criticism made it possible for me to push forward. I am not a ‘words of affirmation’ type person, but Tasche has a gift! I will be a repeat customer for sure!

—Richard Sharon

Great work at an affordable price! I worked with Tasche on my first book and was very impressed! Not only did she do a great job of editing, but she also helped me really streamline several parts of my book that were getting quite wordy. I think my book was significantly improved by her suggestions throughout. She was also fantastic at turning around my edits quickly, as I was on a tight time frame!

—Aaron Schafer

We have been extremely impressed with the way Tasche has established a game plan and time-table in preparing for our daughter’s upcoming SAT test. She has put in place a plan, which will lead right up to the actual test date itself. Tasche has been very professional in bringing new ideas and strategies to our daughter, which we feel will allow her to achieve her SAT goal. I look forward to referring Tasche to our friends as their own kids start preparing for the SAT’s! Thank you Tasche.

—Brad, parent of SAT tutoring student

Tasche was such a great help! She edited my essays and taught me how to fix what I did wrong instead of just fixing it for me. She’s the best!

—Taylor D, college student

Tasche proofread my very first novel. I had worked on it for years and felt finally ready to show it to the world. She corrected my mistakes and even made helpful suggestions, but she kept within my ‘voice.’ Plus, she’s a delight to work with.

—Amy C, author