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Need help with your writing project?

Whether you’re a first-time fiction author and this is your debut novel, a student in need of help with your essay, a nonfiction author with an important message, or a blogger/website developer—I can help you. I am a dedicated wordsmith with 34 years’ experience working with the written word. My background includes varied jobs such as journalist, technical writer, high school English teacher, tutor, editor, and proofreader. I’m also an award-winning and bestselling author, so I can relate to what it feels like to trust another person with your manuscript (let alone have them dare to suggest you change it!). I get it. I’ll work with you to make sure your writing stays in your voice, while also fulfilling the rules and guidelines of story structure and grammar. I’ve helped many people with their writing projects over the years. I look forward to helping you too! 

Tasche has a bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Edward R. Murrow School of Communication at Washington State University, as well as two teaching credentials from California State University. She has recently taken a General Proofreading course to make sure her skills are sharp and current with today’s style-guides.


What I offer

Content/Substantive Editing—This is mostly for book length manuscripts. It involves checking the content for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. For fiction, this means checking for discrepancies in plot, character, and dialogue. This could include re-writes, rearranging sentences and paragraphs, and overall structural changes while keeping to the author’s original voice as much as possible. Content editing deals with the big picture, including your theme. This is the first step in the editing process.
Copyediting—Basic editing to ensure the written work meets editorial guidelines, style and usage, mechanical errors, wording, consistency, and double-checking the table of contents, endnotes/footnotes, and bibliography (if needed). This should be completed before final proofreading.
Proofreading—Comprehensive proofreading for errors in spelling, capitalization, grammar, punctuation, double words, verb tenses, typos, and formatting errors. This is the final step, after the editing process.
Formatting—Converting manuscripts into Mobi or ePub for e-books, and a PDF for print. I format fiction only. I will supply you with a PDF print-ready copy that can be uploaded to any print-on-demand service.
How it works
Please submit your manuscript in a Microsoft Word document. I edit using the “track changes” feature in Word, which allows you to see the edits and comments before you accept or reject them. I can also edit on Google Docs or a pdf, using iAnnotate, but Word is my preference. I use The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition as an industry standard reference and style guide. I use Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition as a spelling guide and reference, when needed.

My rates

Final cost is based on a per word count (with a $25 minimum). My rates are commensurate with industry standards and I require a 50% down payment, with the balance due upon completion. I take payments through PayPal.
Content Editing— $0.022 per word
Copyediting— $0.017 per word 
Proofreading— $0.01 per word 
Content/Copyediting Package— $0.031 per word
E-book conversion— Fiction only
Up to 30,000 words— $50
30,001 to 120,000 words— $90
Over 120,000 words— $140
Print Book Formatting— $50.00 per hour, with the total cost depending on the complexity of your design. 
                    Have a question? Want to book my services? Contact me at editproof@taschelaine.com.


Tasche was professional and easy to work with. She proofread and gave great suggestions for my book. I would highly recommend using her! I have another book coming out soon and I will use Tasche’s services for that one too.

—Kristi Shimada, author of Mariko and the Magic Mirror

Tasche has a strong sense of responsibility. She really cares and helps me to improve not only English skills but also my grade. She is always available to help me. I really like her! She is awesome!

—Jenny L, UC Irvine Masters student/English learner

We have been extremely impressed with the way Tasche has established a game plan and time- table in preparing for our daughter’s upcoming SAT test. She has put in place a plan, which will lead right up to the actual test date itself. Tasche has been very professional in bringing new ideas and strategies to our daughter, which we feel will allow her to achieve her SAT goal. I look forward to referring Tasche to our friends as their own kids start preparing for the SAT’s over the next few years! Thank you Tasche.

—Brad, parent of SAT tutoring student

Tasche was such a great help! She edited my essays and taught me how to fix what I did wrong instead of just fixing it for me. She’s the best!

—Taylor D, college student

Tasche proofread my very first novel. I had worked on it for years and felt finally ready to show it to the world. She corrected my mistakes and even made helpful suggestions, but she kept within my ‘voice.’ Plus, she’s a delight to work with.

—Amy C, author