My Published Works

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The Legend of the Glass Stars Running in the Rain

Below is a list of my published works so far. To find out more about each book, please click on its title. To read a brief synopsis of my short stories, “The Legend of the Glass Stars” and “Running in the Rain,” click here.

My published novels to date

CLOSURE: based on a true story



Short Story Anthologies


my story is “The Legend of the Glass Stars”


my story is “Running in the Rain”

Glass Stars

Newspaper columns and writings from the Archives


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  • My weekly columns from The Lawton Times
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Tasche’s Corner : my weekly columns from The Lawton Times

My pre-college writing …


When I turned 19, I landed a job as a newspaper columnist for The Lawton Times, a newspaper serving Lawton, Oklahoma, and the surrounding communities. I had my own weekly column called Tasche’s Corner.
There are six articles on the left to scroll through.  These were originally published in August and September, 1985.


Acting …

On the right is an article from The Bridge, Portland Community College’s newspaper, March 13, 1986, where I enjoyed writing, as well as acting in the school’s theatre program.